Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mists of Pandaria : New WoW Feature Pet Battles

WoW Mists of Pandaria Pet Battles
Blizzard has taken notice over the successful years of the World of Warcraft game that players who are bored or finished with current content tend to enjoy mini games. Some consider trolling Trade Chat to be their favorite mini game, but for normal players Blizzard implements events, quests, and features to keep players interested in their free time. Mists of Pandaria will bring one of the biggest, and likely to be the most played, mini game yet; Pet Battles!

The reason World of Warcraft has been so successful is because Blizzard created a great quality game based on a Warcraft franchise that already had a lot of interest. Then, when other competing MMOs were released, Blizzard did not disrespect their competition. They simply researched the new features that worked in those games and adopted them into WoW. Some games that have always held massive popularity and Pokemon is one of those. Blizzard has noticed that some gamers really enjoy the turn based team battle style like Final Fantasy. They also knew that they basically already had a Pokemon collecting system in place in WoW with companion pets. So they made the obvious decision to offer another form of entertainment with World of Warcraft that is not required for those who choose not to take part in it.

Pet Battles are not required for character advancement. Playing the Pet Battle mini game will only help a player advance in this mini game. So if you enjoy this style of gameplay more than watching what intelligence or lack thereof will manifest in Trade Chat next, then you should be excited that Mists of Pandaria will offer this new feature! If you feel that this mini game is a contributing factor to the destruction of WoW, then you're free to pass on Pet Battle action and focus on the parts of WoW that you enjoy instead.

Pet Battles will take advantage of your companion pets. Some new cool features that Pet Battles will bring are:
-Name your companion pets
-Level up your companion pets
-Customize your companion pets with abilities
-Find and equip collar items to customize pet stats
-Acquire new companions by defeating them in combat

Pet Battles will be a simple 3v3 turn based combat system. Different pets will have different roles. Although completely different, WoW Pet Battles will bring new theorycrafting strategy for combinations just like Arena PvP. Pet Battles will have PvE aspects. Players will gain abilities, new pets, items, and more by competing in Pet Battles with WoW NPCs. The Pet Battle system will also be highly PvP including a queue system much like the Arena.

Although this is highly speculative and a bit of a side track from Pet Battle features, this new WoW mini game is certain to make some players a lot of WoW gold. Watch your favorite WoW gold guide to see what new strategies exist for making gold hand over fist with WoW companion pets now that they have much more function.

Pet Battles may be one of the most mocked Mists of Pandaria features, but they will only serve to further entertain WoW players in 5.0 and beyond. The "WoWkemon" mini game will be implemented with the quality and polish Blizzard is known for, and it will most likely be a hit with most of the WoW community. For those who are extremely upset with this new WoW MoP feature; Like earlier mentioned, your characters will not fall behind in the game if you choose not to partake in the Pet Battle adventure.

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