Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mists of Pandaria : New Class Monk

WoW Monk Class
Along with Pandaren as the new playable Race, the WoW Monk class seems like the obvious choice for a new playable Class. That's right, Mists of Pandaria will be the first World of Warcraft Expansion to introduce both a new race and class at the same time. Blizzard promises that the Monk will be a completely new style of play. The new class can perform all three major roles: Tank, Healer and DPS.

Pandaren martial arts masters will share their knowledge with the new Alliance and Horde races they encounter in Mists of Pandaria. So the Monk class will be playable by all of the following races:
Draenei | Dwarf | Gnome | Human | Night Elf | Pandaren | Blood Elf | Orc | Tauren | Troll | Undead

Monks will use leather armor with a stat focus of Intellect for Healing and Agility for Tanking or DPS. These stats were selected so that current itemization will fit well with leveling Monks without the necessity of many new lower level items. Monks will be able to use one-hand melee weapons as well as polearms and staves. The resource of the Monk class will be Light and Dark Forces as well as Mana for healing or Chi energy for melee attacks.

WoW Monk Animation
Unlike any other class in World of Warcraft, the Monk class will have unique animations that accompany it's martial arts fighting style. The style, as WoW MoP devs put it, would be Street-Fighter like. That is because Monks do not have an auto attack ability. Players must use the Jab ability to charge their resources. Although this change is not final, many who tried the demo at BlizzCon seemed to enjoy the new style.

The Brewmaster will be the Monk Tank Spec which will focus on martial arts and evasive maneuvers. The Mistweaver will be the Monk Healer Spec which will bring a very unique style of healing to the game. The healing Monk will not cast a heal on players directly, but instead will drop statues that will heal in proximity as the monk attacks the adversary. The Windwalker will be the Monk DPS spec which will focus on melee abilities with a very martial arts feel only using a weapon for finishing moves.

The Monk has probably been the most requested new class for WoW, and it looks like MoP devs won't disappoint the World of Warcraft community with this new class. It will be unique and extremely fun with new and exciting gameplay for each role.

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