Friday, October 28, 2011

Pandaren Mount : Turtles

Pandaren Mount
It seems to be commonplace for Pandaren to seek out tranquility and relaxation. So what better than a turtle for travel? Many Pandaren set out on the back of a giant sea turtle to explore beyond the Mists of Pandaria (Those will be the playable Pandaren in MoP). Now, we may see this new race roaming Pandaria and the rest of Azeroth mounted on a turtle for individual travel too.

At the Mists of Pandaria live developer Q&A on October 27, Blizzard developers answered a question about possible Pandaren mounts. "We are still working on ideas for their mount. An epic turtle is certainly one of the most popular options around the office right now!" Well, I can't help but think this is only to troll the haters even more. Seeing a turtle cruise by at the fastest mount speed keeping up with a stallion at full gallop may provoke even more criticism.

Overall, I'm satisfied with a lot of the changes Mists of Pandaria will bring improving WoW even further. From what I've experienced, turtle mounts have been well accepted by most players in WoW. So I think they would be a great form of travel for the new Pandaren race. I'm sure they'll have a unique model with some cool saddles, and many players will be riding in style atop the hardshell speedster soon after MoP is released.

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