Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mists of Pandaria Release Date Sooner Than Expected?

A while ago a Blizzard product release timeline was leaked. Whether it was fake or not was never confirmed, but if it was fake, then it sure was lucky as many productsPre Order Mists of Pandaria seem to follow that timeline very closely. In that timeline, Blizzard's plan for the release date of the fourth World of Warcraft Expansion, Mists of Pandaria, was set for Q2 of 2012. That means WoW MoP could be released before next summer! Here's some of the reasons that a faster than expected release date is probable.

(1) Mists of Pandaria Development is Well Underway
The MoP demo at BlizzCon 2011 showed that the new WoW expansion is way more polished than Cataclysm was when it was announced at BlizzCon. Many zones are already complete and environment, NPC, and item textures are already in the game.

(2) The WoW Annual Pass Deal Seeks to Recruit More Subscribers
If players sign up for a year of WoW, then they will receive a number of amazing benefits. Blizzard definitely will want to take advantage of the new and continuing subscribers and sell the new WoW expansion pack to them before their promised year of game time expires.

(3) Leaked Blizz Product Release Timeline
As I stated before, the leaked timeline puts Mists of Pandaria right at a late Spring or early Summer 2012 release target.

(4) Players Are Getting Bored Faster
After players defeated the Lich King Arthas in the last WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King, many of them grew very impatient as they awaited new content. Blizzard released a small new raid boss, and some new content desperately trying to retain subscriptions as players awaited the Cataclysm xpac. They know that they cannot delay the Mists of Pandaria release. The newest WoW content patch, 4.3 will allow players to challenge the final boss, Deathwing. That means WoW MoP should follow shortly after.

All of these reasons suggest a sooner than expected Mists of Pandaria release date. In my opinion, the sooner the better!

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  1. WoW is extremely boring right now. I log on and I'm so bored that I just sign off within five minutes. Please give us something fun to do. We need something to hold us over until the next expansion. Right now, it's pure torture.